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Фрезапарат ISO COLOR TOP
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Фрезапарат ISO COLOR TOP

( Dentalfarm - Italy )

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Main features
Double-joint arm to support any micromotor, turbine or hot spatula
Most suitable to carry out milling operations both on wax and on metal
Complete with model-holder base
Stainless steel working plan
Complete set of accessories allowing to carry out:
· Restrained vertical movement for drilling and boring
· Restrained horizontal movement for coulisse
· locking the articulated joints
Stainless steel tool storage compartment
At same time, all procedures usually carried out with the manual Surveyor can be easily executed with this instrument
Built-in lighting and cooling systems
Special version featuring enameled base and satined or oxidized light alloy components available in blue, red or natural

Number of arms
1 - double-joint arm fitted with bivalent head, featuring on one side the micromotor locking pliers and on the other side the slide-guide self-lubricating bush for the pliers holding rod

12V Revolving halogen lamp

Line voltage
230V A.C. 50Hz (different voltage upon request)


200 mm

340 mm + distance to the electric cable and the air pipe

330 mm

Net weight
7,0 Kg

За връзка

Унидент 92 ООД
София 1111
кв. Гео Милев
ул. Трудолюбие 5


тел: +359 2 873 4331
факс:+359 2 872 3542
моб: +359 882 621858

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